To Protect All Teeth

by Kyle Turner, CEO

As CEO of Pearlii and someone who knows from personal experience, it can be hard for lower-socioeconomic families who struggle daily to put food on the table to worry about the serious health problems that impact them much later in life. Risky behaviours, such as poor diet, not enough exercise, smoking, just don’t flag a mention in comparison to all the other crap life throws at you when you’re stuck on the bottom.

Oral health is little exception.

I still remember the night I stayed over at my best buddy’s house at age 13. His family was well off and his dad the local dentist. While getting ready for bed, I made fun of my friend for brushing his teeth at night. He stood there in the hallway bewildered. It took me a moment to wrap my head around the notion that I should be brushing my teeth twice daily, let alone after every meal. His dad was kind enough to give me the 101 on oral hygiene there and then, an act for which I’m still grateful.

Sadly, this is a story all too common in lower socioeconomic households.

The growing inequalities in health, between poor and rich, rural and urban, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, are never more pronounced than in oral health. Your smile is an instant indicator of socioeconomic status, self-esteem, employability, and much more. It is also a significant predictor of your overall health.

At Pearlii, we believe in accessible, affordable healthcare no matter your situation. Our core values underpin everything we do in achieving our goal to save one billion teeth from decay and extraction by 2025.

We are building cutting-edge AI technology to help our users overcome the two biggest barriers to seeing a dentist regularly: cost and time. From millennials living on a budget to time-poor parents, we want to empower their personal oral care.

Thanks to the latest advances in smartphone camera hardware, we are now able to use machine learning to scan photos of your teeth taken on your smartphone to check for dental problems.

We offer people a free and fast dental check-up from the convenience of their own home, supplemented with oral health advice tailored to your individual results and continually monitored over time.

To Protect All Teeth, technological innovations in personal oral care such as ours are not only an important part of future health solutions, but they’re so urgently needed.

Dr Kyle Turner CEO & Co-Founder